My focus is on what you may want, and on how your spirit loved ones

can help you to find a more positive direction.


 I bring highly developed abilities as a 'Lily Dale' Medium, Spirit Artist,

Aura Reader, and Spiritual advisor to each person and every reading

Above picture is the 3 - sister photo taken at the premiere of "No One Dies in Lily Dale"

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My readings are given with an Aura Chart, a new, completely original form of reading.


With my Aura Chart readings, imagine yourself taking part as the Spirit takes my hand and draws the path of your life -- moving forward with the freedom to create new outcomes.


This work of art is yours to keep. Take home the Aura Chart to remind you that you are not alone and you have a positive direction.

I have given thousands of Aura Chart readings.  It is a privilege and a compliment that many thousands of people have trusted me with assisting them in some of their most difficult times.


You, too can experience the same happiness as thousands --

upon discovering loved ones are really still close by and caring.

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                                                                                        Sherry Lee


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